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I'm currently working on a fic with Sarah and Molly in D/s relationship, and I'm looking for a beta and sounding board. Preferably someone who knows a little something about D/s, but that's not necessary.

It's rather negotiation heavy at the moment, because I like that sort of thing, and it touches on open relationships, poly love and sstuff like that. Oh, and it also has sex. And trying to hide the relationship from Sherlock (no idea if that's going to be sucessful.

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Fic Rec: The Anatomist

Fic Name: The Anatomist, by [livejournal.com profile] roa_acicularis

Characters: Molly Hooper, Jim Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes, others.

Rating: Adult.

Warnings: Graphic violence, language, disturbing themes.

Spoilers: All three aired episodes of the BBC's Sherlock and bits and pieces of the original stories.

Summary: "You’re not the only one to enjoy a good murder. There’s others out there just like you – except you’re just a man. And they’re so much more than that." Jefferson Hope, A Study in Pink

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