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Based on comments over on LiveJournal, we're starting a regular feature here on [community profile] furtherinterest in the form of interviews with authors (or artists, or vidders, or what-have-you) whose work fits the very broad criteria for this comm. I've seen this done in other fandoms, and it was a great way to get to know other fans with similar interests and discuss characters and craft. We wouldn't restrict the discussion to the community interests, but that's where we'd start, so please limit interview suggestions to people who might conceivably post some of their work here.

If you've created work that falls under the community guidelines and would like to participate, or if you have a suggestion for an interview subject, just leave a comment to this post. I've just finished a nice long discussion with the first interviewee, and with any luck I'll have that up sometime this week! These will be crossposted.

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Jun. 26th, 2011 02:58 pm
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Welcome! I've started this community because I'm always looking for stories about female characters in Holmes fandoms, and I suspect there are others with similar interests. Anything without an exclusively male perspective or focus is fair game. That's a broad net, and deliberately so--have at it!

The rules, such as they are, are on the profile page. If you'd like to me to add a tag to this community or you have something else to suggest, feel free to reply to this post. PMs are fine if you'd rather address anything privately.

The sister comm of the same name is over on livejournal at [ profile] furtherinterest. If you would like your post crossposted to that community but are unable do it yourself, please add the tag "crosspost requested" and I'll take care of that as soon as I'm able.



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